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Increasing Faith & Reducing Risky Behavior

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In my last blog, I detailed some of the distinctions and differences in today’s teens, known as the Millennial Generation. In this blog I want to discuss something that hasn’t changed.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” I think that old adage originated while watching the behavior of a group of teenagers. The truth is, teens will often adopt the values and behaviors of the peers they are hanging around. When a parent tells me their teenage child’s values and morals have suddenly changed, I usually respond by asking, “Has the group of friends he or she hangs around with changed recently?”

As close as Millennials are to their parents, they still want to be accepted and be a significant part of their peer group. For many teens, being embraced by their peers is more important than embracing their parents’ values. During the early and middle teen years, belonging is a Herculean instinct.

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