Training Seminars

Our  training seminars can be adapted for a variety of formats, including workshop presentations, one-day seminars, or expanded into weekend experiences. Our presentations are interactive, application oriented, and include dynamic multimedia and printed handouts.

Seminar Titles Include:

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1. Gen Z Ready!

Today, Gen Z, or the iGeneration, is knocking on the doors of our sanctuaries. Who is this new generational cohort? How are they different from the Millennial Generation? What are their core characteristics? How will we spiritually connect with them? What does the new evangelization look like with this new generation?

2. Engaging a New Generation

A dynamic training seminar that takes Catholic youth ministry into the 21st Century. The eye-opening content clearly articulates the challenges and keys to reaching today’s teens.

3. Whole Faith: Disciple-Making Adolescent Catechesis

A one-day seminar designed especially for those who are catechizing youth in the parish—confirmation catechists, faith formation teachers, youth ministry small group leaders—to inspire and equip them for the unique challenges and opportunities in forming young disciples.

4. Growing Teen Disciples in a Mega Church Age

It seems every Catholic parish has a church in the area that seems to draw many of our Catholic teens. What is the draw or attraction to these mega churches or youth ministries? How do we compete? What should we be focusing on? How do measure our results? This seminar helps answer these questions and more.

5. Youth Immanuelization

This presentation details why we must transition from “evangelization” to “immanuelization” in order to reach today’s Catholic teens. Immanuelization, a form of evangelization that speaks to a postmodern age, is all about evangelizing with our presence. It means experiencing the presence of God through the very life of the faith community. This workshop will take a fresh and practical look at our evangelistic approaches in light of a postmodern age.

6.Reaching Millennial Generation Teens

Youth ministry is changing. Many of our past assumptions are no longer valid. Many of our common practices seem sterile and punch-less with postmodern Millennials. And, therefore Catholic youth ministry enters its third generation of practice. This seminar explores some of the core characteristics of the Millennial Generation, the implications, and the distinctions of third generation Catholic youth ministry.