VITAL 3.0 Parish Support Page

VITAL 3.0 Parishes

Welcome to the Vital 3.0 Parishes Support Page. Click on any of the following links to download a file.

A. General Assessment Tools

1. Youth Ministry Generation Assessment (Coordinator Binder section, page 4)

This tool helps you assess whether your parish youth ministry functions within first, second, or third generation in key areas of ministry.

2. Discipling Programming Assessment (Coordinator Binder section, page 7)

This tool helps you assess how well your programming addresses each of the three movements of the disciple-making process and how they work together in leading teens towards greater faith and spiritual maturity.

3. Coordinator of Youth Ministry Role Assessment (Coordinator Binder section, page 9)

This tool identifies eleven roles or hats that the Coordinator of Youth Ministry wears while serving, and provides an opportunity to assess strengths, opportunities for improvement, and action steps to be taken. It can be used as a self-assessment or as an evaluative tool for others.

B. Volunteer Recruitment Resources

1. Youth Ministry Recruiting Template (Coordinator Binder section, page 14)

This template can be used to identify potential volunteers for each ministry role and manage your contacting process.

2. Sample Agenda for a Volunteer Recruitment Introduction Gathering (Coordinator Binder section, page 19)

This file provides a sample agenda (that can be customized) for a recruitment introduction gathering for potential youth ministry volunteers.

3. Recruitment Action Plan

This editable document breaks down the recruiting process into specific steps. YM Coordinators only need to edit according to your specific plan and fill in the dates.

C. Volunteer Management Resources

1. Developing  A Ministry Role Description Template (Coordinator Binder section, page 21)

This template can be used to develop youth ministry role descriptions. Just fill in each section as instructed.

2. Managing Volunteers Assessment (Coordinator Binder section, page 20)

This form identifies key volunteer management functions and a process for assessing each.

3. Youth Leader Lifestyle Covenant (Coordinator Binder section, page 25)

This is a sample lifestyle covenant for your volunteer team. It can be customized for your particular context.

4. Role Descriptions

The following are customizable role descriptions that can be adapted for your particular ministry. Each link is downloadable.

Planning Team Role Description

Trained Youth Leader Role Description

The following role descriptions are samples of specific roles. They can be adapted and customized for your ministry context.

Director of Family Ministries

Director of Large Group Evangelization

Intercessory Prayer Director

Intercessory Prayer Team

Leadership Development Director

Leadership Development Team Member

Marketing & Communications Director

Marketing & Communications Team Member

Peer Ministry Team Director

Prayer & Worship Director

Prayer & Worship Team

Service & Social Justice Director

Service & Social Justice Team Member

Youth Evangelization Director

Youth Evangelization Team Member


D. Growing A Youth Ministry Team

1. Growing A Youth Ministry Team Assessment (Coordinator Binder section, page 26)

This form identifies the key ingredients for a great youth ministry team along with a process for assessing your progress.

2. Growing a Biblical Ministerial Team  (Coordinator Binder section, page 28)

The following passages provide direction on how to function as a biblical community and consider some practices that might bring life to your youth ministry team.

E. Youth Ministry Planning Team Meeting Agendas

1. Team Meeting #1   (Milestone #1 Introduction & Developing A Ministerial Community)

2. Team Meeting #2  (Milestone #1 & 2)

3. Team Meeting # 3  (Milestones 1 & 2)

4. Team Meeting #4 (Milestone 3)

-Data Gathering Process Worksheet (Resource for Team Meeting 4)

-Needs Assessment Development PowerPoint (Resource for Team Meeting 4)

5. Team Meeting #5-7 (Milestone 4)

-Mission Statement Development.pptx (Resource for Team Meeting 4-7)


F. Developing an Intercessory Prayer Ministry

1. Sample Goals  (An example of a Focus Result Area/Goals/Action Plans)