2017 Peer Ministry Retreat Details


 Saturday, August 24, 2019

8:30am            Registration

9:30am            Let’s Get Started!

10:30am          Stand Up! Keynote: (John Donahue Grossman)

10:45am          Parish Team Building Activities

12:00pm          Lunch and Free-time

2:15pm            Break-out Workshop Sessions (Two Rounds)

4:30pm            Free-time

5:30pm            Dinner

6:30pm            Team Ministry Presentations

8:45pm            Parish Group Prayer

10:15pm          Campfire

11:45pm          Lights Out

Sunday, August 25, 2019

8:30am            Breakfast

10:00am          Personal Prayer Time

10:30am          Wacky Olympics – Who is going to win the Peanut Trophy!

12:00pm          Lunch

12:45pm          Parish/Team Time

2:30pm            Eucharistic Liturgy

4:00pm            Time to Go!